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Instant Hypnosis Workshop on 30 September, 2019

Mission Genius Mind presents
Instant Hypnosis Workshop in Janakpuri, New Delhi
Date:   30 September, 2019 ( Monday )
Time: 10 AM – 4 PM
What you will get from this Workshop (इस वर्कशॉप के फायदे)
Learn to hypnotize anyone, anywhere, anytime within 10 second

🏻Do you want to become the coolest person in your friend circle

🏻Do you want to learn a skill which nobody else can do

🏻Do you want to become famous in your city

🏻Would you like to become a person to whom everybody wants to come closer because you have some super human kind of power 🏻


Join our workshop to become a Instant Hypnotist

You will get:
– Audio/Video Material
– Lunch, Snacks & Tea
Mission Genius Mind
WZ-22, 2nd floor, B-1 Mini Market,
Janakpuri, New Delhi-110058
Mob: 9599375269, 9599375436, 8447281877
Limited seats, please call the above numbers to register

Watch this video for more information

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