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Online Workshop of Reiki with Mind Power Level 1 & Level 2 by Sanjiv Malik

by mindguru

Mission Genius Mind Presents
Reiki with Mind Power Level 1 & Level 2
▪️Date: 7th July(Thursday)
▪️Time : 6:00PM-7:30PM
▪️Venue : WhatsApp, Zoom
▪️ Trainer: Sanjiv Malik Sir
Note :You all are requested to attend live classes, recordings will not be shared.


Reiki Healing क्या है?
रेकी की ऊर्जा का प्रयोग प्राचीन काल से ही हमारे ऋषि मुनि करते थे । प्राचीन भारत में न्यास योग एक ऐसी ही पद्धति थी। हाथों के द्वारा ऊर्जा का संचार करके बड़ी से बड़ी बिमारी ठीक की जाती थी । Dr. Usui के कारण ये ज्ञान फिर से पूरे विश्व में प्रवाहित हुआ
रेकी महाशक्ति बीमारी, तनाव और मुश्किलों को दूर कर आपका जीवन बदल सकती है ।


Reiki with Mind Power 1st Level Course Content :

🔰7 चक्रों के बारे में पूरी जानकारी Complete Description of Chakras. How they affect our Diseases, Personality & Life Problems & How to heal them!
🔰 आभामंडल क्या होता है? Aura & its effects, How to improve it & Expand it
🔰 Aura Sensing/Measuring
🔰 Aura Cleansing.
🔰 Reiki with Mind Power
🔰 रेकी द्वारा स्वयं का उपचार – 24 Points Healing.
🔰 Improving Memory Power, Concentration, Confidence, Attractive Personality & Stress reduction.
🔰 How to cure various illnesses! Techniques to find out problematic parts in body!


Reiki with Mind Power 2nd Level Course Content :
🔰 Become a Professional Healer with Powerful Attunement.

  • 3 Symbols and their Usage + 1 Extra Symbol.
  • Connect your Mind with Reiki Energy.
  • Reiki Symbol (Cho Ku Rei, Honsha Jeshonen, Sei Heiki, Udreka, OM)
    ▪️ Distance Healing
    ▪️ Charging Water/Food
    ▪️ Developing Positive
    ▪️Qualities/Emotions in client/self e.g. Love, Kindness, Peacefulness etc.
    Course Material :
    1.) Reiki Audio/Video
    2.) Reiki Manual
    3.) Reiki Power Attunement

Kindly watch this video to get Detailed Information & Live Experience’s of People during Reiki Course 👇👇

Call on our Office Number’s & Book your slot ASAP. Limited Seat’s. HURRY UP..!

▪️84488 00151,


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