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Positive Affirmations for Pregnant Woman(Eng.)

Positive Affirmations for Pregnant Woman

Repeat these affirmations for 21 days and see the miracle.

  1. I am an amazing mother about to have an amazing baby!
  2. My pregnancy is perfect. I am delivering a happy, healthy baby!
  3. I am strong and healthy and sailing right through this pregnancy.
  4. I choose the see the beauty in this whole process of bringing a new life into the world.
  5. I am calm, cool, and confident throughout my pregnancy. This is the most beautiful nine months of my life!
  6. I am absolutely committed to providing my child with a safe and happy home environment.
  7. As the motherhood chapter of my life begins, I am ready to make it a beautiful chapter in my life.
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  9. I have an amazing support system! When I ask for help, I receive help.
  10. I visualize myself after a perfect delivery. I am at home loving and playing with my beautiful baby.
  11. My midwife is a beautiful friend and wise counsel throughout my pregnancy. I am lucky to have her!
  12. There may be difficult days during this pregnancy, but I am strong, I am determined, and I am resilient.
  13. I am in perfect health. My baby is in perfect health. This pregnancy comes to a perfect end.
  14. As my healthy baby grows within me, I am more attuned than ever to the perfect rhythms of nature and my body.
  15. http://www.dreamstime.com/royalty-free-stock-images-pregnant-woman-relaxing-image27092949
  16. An amazing mother lives within me! That mother is born along with my baby!
  17. Each pregnancy is a unique and beautiful experience. I am consciously enjoying this unique journey!
  18. My body is beautifully nourishing the child I carry. My child is perfectly healthy.
  19. My choices throughout this pregnancy are based on facts not fear!
  20. I am a highly-capable mother-to-be! If there are hard decisions to make, I can and I will make them!
  21. My doctor and I are on the same page. We are partners in delivering a healthy, happy baby.
  22. How my child is born is MY choice and I choose natural birth!
  23. I confidently make my wishes known to my doctor. My choice is natural delivery.
  24. I consult with my doctor, but I listen to my body and my heart when deciding how I will give birth.
  25. I choose to experience the beauty of a natural birth and so that is what I will experience!

Positive Affirmations for after Pregnancy

  1. I conceived a beautiful baby and I am delivering a beautiful child.
  2. I am a great mother. My new baby is lucky to have me!
  3. My love and connection with this child within me humbles me every day. I am blessed and I know it.
  4. I conceived this baby in love. I am delivering this baby in love. I will raise this baby with love.
  5. Breathing in, I know I am a great mother. Breathing out, I AM a great mother!
  6. I am committed to consciously raising this child. All the unconscious generational negativity stops with me!
  7. I am enjoying becoming a mum!
  8. I receive all the love and support from around me
  9. It is safe for me to ask for what I need
  10. I am the most important person in my baby’s world. How I feel matters and I choose to feel safe
  11. newborn2
  12. I am open and honest with myself and my baby and all those who surround me
  13. I trust myself to know exactly what to do for myself and my baby
  14. I am supported by life in every way. All my needs are met
  15. Me and my baby are one. I now choose to create peace within me and around me
  16. I let my baby know how I’m feeling and that I am supported at all times
  17. As I change my view of the world the world around me changes. I now choose JOY!
  18. I allow myself to slow down. I am learning my baby’s pace
  19. I nourish my body with foods and experiences that are good for me and my baby
  20. I only crave what is good for me
  21. I trust my care team. I only attract to me health professionals that mirror the love I feel for my baby.
  22. My womb is full of love.

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