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Learning Styles

by mindguru

You can make learning a fun and interesting experience. In order to move from being passively taking the experience of studies to actively engaging in the learning it’s important to find out what type of a learner a person is.
There are four primary learning styles and we use all of these to learn. But we will always have a predominant style which we will enjoy using over others.
Visual learners
You will use words and phrases that will generate visual images in the mind. You talk a bit faster and will show impatience. You may also interrupt others before they finish what they are speaking. You will enjoy learning by seeing and visualizing. The best way to motivate a visual learner is to demonstrate images, movies, and paint mental pictures.
Auditory Learners
You will always prefer someone explaining concepts to you rather than reading it yourself. You are a natural listener and you tend to speak slowly. You think in a linear pattern and you learn by listening and verbalizing study materials. The way to motivate an auditory learner is by sounding pleasant and organized.
Read-Write Learners
You will enjoy all forms of reading and writing. You will prefer study material text based and like your study material listed in texts. You prefer silently reading your study material and jotting it down in your own words. Even diagrams, charts, graphs will be organized into words for better understanding. You prefer multiple choice tests more and learning would take place by repeating the study material to yourself over a period of times.
Kinesthetic Learners
You will use all your senses to understand and learn concepts. You talk slow and even take some time to make decisions. You like to learn by practically experiencing concepts in some way in real life. You prefer trial and error approach and like hands-on approach.

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