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Reiki 1st & 2nd Level Workshop in DELHI , 9th May,2018

 Mission Genius Mind presents

Reiki 1st & 2nd Level Workshop in DELHI

Date: 9th May,2018 (Wednesday)

Reiki -1 course:

– रेकी level 1 का पूरा कोर्स

– 7 चक्रों के बारे में पूरी जानकारी Complete Description of Chakras . How they affect our Diseases, Personality & Life Problems & How to heal them!

–       आभामंडल क्या होता है? Aura & its effects, How to improve it.

–       Aura Sensing/Measuring Exercise.

–       Aura Cleansing.

–       रेकी द्वारा स्वयं का उपचार. 24 points Healing.

–       Golden Ball Exercise to Recharge Chakras & clear Energy Channel.

–       Improving Memory power, Concentration, Confidence, Attractive Personality & Stress reduction.

–       How to cure various illnesses! Techniques to find out problematic parts in body!

Reiki Level 2 Course:

–   Become a Professional Healer with Powerful Attunement

–   रेकी 2 Symbols and Their Usage + 1 Symbol Extra

–  Distance Healing

–  Charging Water/Food with Reiki.

–  Developing Positive Qualities/Emotions in client/self e.g. Love, kindness, Peacefulness etc.

Course material-:

1 Reiki DVD with Usage Details and Chanting Mantras (Paid)

Energy exchange:

Level 1 Timing: 10AM-1PM (3 Hours)

Charges: 1100

Level 2 Timing: 2PM-5PM (3 Hours)

Charges: 2100

Please call on the numbers &  confirm your Registration
 Mob: 9599375269, 9599375436,8447281877,8920290434


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